Why "Simplenty"?

When you've had enough of "never having enough", it's time to remember that "A simple life is one of plenty".

Increased Happiness

It's common knowledge that finding contentment in what you currently have is a sure way to find happiness.

Better Health

Simple living means less stress, but also more time and ability to engage in self-care and -development through activities like regular exercise and proper nutrition.

Deeper Relationships

Like it or not, connection is what drives human behavior. A simpler life manifests in deeper relationships, as we invest more time and energy in people, over things.

Greater Personal Freedom

Simplifying frees up what are otherwise scarce resources (i.e. time, money) to be used more intentionally, in endeavors and ways that have the most significant value and impact.

Simplenty is the collective brain child of brothers Josh Nuckles and Justin Nuckles.  We’ve never been content with doing what’s been done, simply because it’s what is done.  As we both got older and began our careers in “the workforce”, we realized that there needs to be more to life than simply what a person does Monday through Friday, and what they then do Friday through Sunday in order to forget about what they do Monday through Friday.  

We realized:

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”


But also that:

“The unlived life is not worth examining.”


We’re out to create a forum for connection, discussion, and mutual support through our posts, allowing for an intimate exchange of ideas between like-minded individuals.  

We hope you’ll join the discussion; we need your perspective, experience, and expertise.  We believe that everyone has something of value to contribute and a voice that deserves to be heard.

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